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Re: suggestions

Le mar 22/07/2003 à 14:20, Jef Spaleta a écrit :
> >* Add bittorrent because it's the best way to grab RedHat Linux.
> For some people, I'm sure the acceptable use policy for some people make
> it difficult to use bt legally, and for others firewalls make bt a
> technical challenge.
> >* http://rhl.redhat.com/ should follow w3c standards !
> >For a "quite" community project, it's a shame.
> Now I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and accept the fact
> that your English might be poor. Saying its a 'shame' is seem a bit
> harsh. I'm sure you can file this issue as a bug against the website
> somewhere in bugzilla.

I'll do this.

> >* As a community project, can you *please* add mailing-list (only
> >rhl-list, beta, devel and so don't seem necessary) to Deutcsh, French,
> >Spanish, ... audience.
> Hmm maybe a users group list for the major languages in the geek
> community..like esperanto and klingon. But I can't really see the point
> in providing 14 language specific development lists or 14 beta lists.

Ooops, my poor English.
Only USER mailing list and true major languages.


> Sure All the Spanish people might be able to talk together and decide
> what they want to do developmentwise...but unless the 'core' members are
> speaking Spanish, that line of communication seems pointless. For
> development lists...the important thing is that users and developers
> communicate, if the main developers aren't French, they are most likely
> not going to bother learning French, and the users on that mailinglist
> are just going to end up talking among themselves.
> For the beta list...the important thing are the bugreports. We can
> prattle on all day long on this list...but in the final analysis, unless
> that's changed with the change from product to project, are shoving
> bugreports into bugzilla for the developers to fix. Are you going to
> suggest language specific bugzilla's as well? What are the chances that
> a bugreport in french will be read and dealt with by correct package
> developer?  For something like multiple human languages support as part
> of the beta development to work, you'd really have to round up a bunch
> of betatester/translators who could take the Spanish and French
> bugreports and translate them into English for the developer deal with
> it. 
> So what it really comes down to on in terms of really supportin multiple
> languages on the website and as part of the development process is how
> much effort the non-English speakers want to put in translating the
> website into other languages and things like bugreports back into
> english.  Everything in the post I'm responding to, feels like your
> asking for someone else to take care of these translation issue. If
> that's the case, then you don't get it. People in the userbase need to
> step up and provide the translations for the software and for the
> webpages. 
> Making the rhl website fall under the "Documents Project" makes some
> sense, and would provide this 'community' input on fixing the shameful
> lack standards compliance, as well as what more to include.
> Is there a need here for some sort of limited rights wiki?
> -jef"I'm getting this list in digest mode, to self restrict the amount
> of posting I do"spaleta
Féliciano Matias <feliciano matias free fr>

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