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RE: Severn NFS Install


You may have been right...So I again mounted the disk 1 iso image to /temp2
and then ran "dd if=/temp2/images/bootdisk.img of=/dev/fd0"

I start up and do a linux askmethod and it fails giving me "boot
failed...please change disks".  This happens during the loading of the
kernel on one floppy, and a second floppy this happens during loading the

Any ideas?


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Subject: Re: Severn NFS Install

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 13:27, EricRyd_ _cdw com wrote:
> I'm trying to install severn via NFS.  I have an rh8 server up and
> I downloaded the iso's to that server.  I did the mount -o loop ... and
> able to copy the RedHat folders to a exported folder.  I also went in to
> iso and made a boot disk.  When attempting to do an nfs install it wanted
> nic drivers.  I tried the drvnet.img but that didn't work.  So I used an
> rh9's drvnet.img and that worked.  Yet, when I input the nfs path it comes
> back stating I need to use the same media on both ends.
> Any ideas?

You're using a Red Hat Linux 9 boot disk, not a Severn boot disk :)



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