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Re: XFS ?

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Alan Cox wrote :
> > > I noticed that the SGI XFS source code has been included in Severn's
> > > kernel source tree.
> > > Will XFS will be part of next official release of RedHat ?
> > 
> > XFS will certainly be in the 2.6 based releases, maybe in 2.4 based
> > stuff, and may even make the base 2.4 kernel in time - most of the 
> > infrastructure is now present.
> > 
> > Whether we ship install support for it - I don't know.
> Isn't this typically the type of module that would go into the
> "kernel-unsupported" sub-package? I'd be very happy to be able to run xfs
> at my own risk, being able to do it easily, and keeping a default Red Hat
> Linux kernel.

So how is this any different than all the other stuff RedHat adds to the
RedHat kernels now.  XFS is good enough for Linus to include in 2.6 .  
Many are using it for production work , it is not some just released
product. If it can get into this new RHL project then that would be great.  
It will give a head start to XFS before 2.6 .

-Connie Sieh
Fermi National Laboratory
> > Matthias

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