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Severn doesn't install

I just joined the list, pardon my tardiness.

I have been running Redhat on one of my boxes since
7.3 and always updating packages as they become
available.  Its a play box really.  Right now it is
running all of the most recent packages from Rawhide. 
Everything has been solid for months, so congrats to
the developers.  

However, I just upgraded to kernel

This kernel does not boot on my box and neither does
Severn.  Can't install, won't work - you get the idea.
 Before this, I was running the kernel in the Rawhide
archives as of approx. 13 of June.  It was fine except
that when root I often had to tell commands (like rpm)
to assume the kernel was 2.4.5 or they would not run. 

I think that was due to a hosed implementation of the
nptl libraries.  I waited patiently for it to be fixed
and now can't boot the replacement kernel.  This does
not bode well for me.  

Now to the meat of the situation.  When attempting to
boot I get the nice little message

hde: attached ide-disk driver
hde: lost interrupt
hde: lost interrupt
hde: lost interrupt

this repeats.  Now, I think it has something to do
with my Promise Ultra-ATA 66 controller that my one
harddrive (a Western Digital Ultra-ATA 66 drive) is
plugged into.  There is also a Promise Ultra-ATA 100
Fastrak RAID controller on the motherboard that is
disabled in the BIOS.  By the way, that controller is
hosed, so plugging in my drive there to test is out of
the question.  

Thought I'd see if anybody has any ideas.  I can't be
the only person to suffer this error.  Thanks in
advance to whoever comes up with a good answer.  

Oh yeah, the first time I noticed this problem was
when I'd try to boot one of the brand new 2.6 test
kernels installed from rpm.  


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