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Re: XFS ?

On 7/22/2003 4:11 PM, William Hooper wrote:

How will this affect future RHCE certifications? Will RHCE be transitioned
to the Enterprise platform?

I think you are looking for past tense. RHCE has been transistioned to the Enterprise platform (after the release of RHL 9):


I don't think the FAQ states that certification was transitioned to RHEL. I interpreted the FAQ as stating that the certification validity period is based on RHEL. Current RHCE courses/certifications are still based on RH 9.

The validity period for all RHCEs and RHCTs is now officially pegged to
the release of the Enterprise product commercially available at the time
certification was earned, and certification shall be current until after
one (1) major release of the Enterprise product. All RHCEs earned on Red
Hat Linux 7.3 or prior will be considered current until the release of Red
Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS 4. All RHCEs and RHCTs earned on Red Hat
Linux 8.0 or 9 will remain current until the release of Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5. Validity and current status of an RHCE certificate will continue
to be verified at Certification Central.

Not quite what I'm looking for. As of RH 9, the *validity* is pegged to RHEL, however it seems that training/certification is still based on the RHL releases, which aren't really relevant to RHEL. Because the releases are now more "project" based, I was curious if RHCE would transition instead to the Enterprise platform, where the certifications would be more relevant to enterprise situations. Those who want the Enterprise "education" must also take the RH 401 course.

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