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Re: xmms skipping

Maynard Kuona wrote:

My xmms skips like its not even funny. I know this is a beta, but I
would have hoped it would be skipping less not more. It skip much more
than RH9 when i change tabs in Epiphany, switch to another program,
change desktops, even when scrolling on a web page.

Does anyone know anything I can do to stop it skipping.

BTW, I already tried increasing the buffer in esound, but this is not
helping. I am using DMA too, so that is not the issue.

Are you running DMA on your ide hard drive? hdparm -d /dev/hd(something).

Also, are there any plans to include the preemptive kernel patch. I wish they could give us a number of kernels to choose from. I hat having my audio skipping. It is the thing that annoys me the most about my RH linux installs.

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