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Re: zero for severn

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 06:51, Joe Smith wrote:
> Wow, several showstoppers for me in Severn:
> Wouldn't boot after install (just boots to grub prompt).
Ouch. Details?

> Boot floppy boots to firstboot, but mouse & keyboard are non-functional. 
Boot floppy is known to be broken at the moment, according to the
Release Notes - the kernel is too large to fit, you need to boot from
the rescue CD (i.e. first install disc)

>   Ctrl-Backspace kills X; shutdown from gdm login.
> Next attempt, firstboot comes up, I Ctrl-Alt-F1 to text login, then CAF7 
> back to firstboot, now mouse and keyboard are ok.  Complete setup and 
> login through gdm.
> CD (IDE burner/DVD combo, which worked fine for install) is set up wrong 
> and completely non-functional.  Data cd's won't mount automatically or 
> manually and audio cds won't play.
I have something similar - mounting from command line works fine though.
I take it redhat-config-packages would not work for you too? Probably
the same problem.

> Should I just Bugzilla these?  I know the grub problem was in RH9, 
> because I had the same thing happen.  The 'fix' was to downgrade grub to 
> the rpm from RH8, and I found this discussed on the net so I wasn't 
> alone.  I checked Bugzilla yesterday and found three bugs under 'grub', 
> none of which were this one.  I hate to contribute more noise when 
> things are known and I hate to spend my time on a bug report that's ignored.
Please do bugzilla at least the CD issue and I'll chime in.

> Severn looks nice though ;-)
That it does :)



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