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Re: perl modules missing?

Michel Alexandre Salim <mas118 york ac uk> writes:

> I get the following while trying to install Mono packages for RH9 on
> Severn. AFAIR they installed fine on a stock RH9 setup - but I could not
> remember exactly if Ximian Desktop 2 was installed at the time.
> In any case it should not matter, since XD2 does not include Perl. Has
> there been a major overhaul of RH's Perl packages between RH9 and
> Severn? FYI I have all packages from 3 CDs installed.

Nope; there have been no major changes to perl except for perl itself,
but those changes should be backwards compatible.  Looks like you're
missing perl-XML-LibXML, which we have never shipped (though since it
is one I maintain for some of RHN's internal software, I may stick it
on people somewhere if there is interest).  Maybe we can get it in the
official Cambridge++; I personally find it immensely powerful.


Chip Turner                   cturner redhat com
                              Red Hat, Inc.

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