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some ideas

I try Severn. Good job.

* I think RedHat could add some information about RHL Project in the
screen of xdm. Perhaps something like :
- "RedHat Linux is a community project. Find out more in
http://rhl.redhat.com/ ."

* Gnome now allows to suppress item in the menu. But it's useless if you
are not root. We could trigger rpm to remove the package which is
associate with /usr/share/applications/something . This need some work
like prompting the root password, print a warning (removing this, remove
that), check if the package have several entry in
/usr/share/applications and more detailed if needed :
removing Openoffice, remove :
Application;Office;Set up printers for OpenOffice.org applications
Application;Office;Repair your installation of OpenOffice.org
Application;Office;Draw diagrams and figures
Application;Office;Formula editor
Application;Office;Create presentations
Application;Office;Word processor

In less words, i am asking to add "uninstall programme" in the
contextual menu.

* I will appreciate to have an option that remove the sub-menu "more
...". If users have an easy way to remove application they don't use, we
can think that the "more ..." menu is useless after the user has do some
"cleanup" in the menu.

NB : It only some ideas. I know that the right place to do proposition
is Gnome/Kde or Freedesktop. But i am not a hacker and my English is

Féliciano Matias <feliciano matias free fr>

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