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Re: Yum, autoupdate (was: Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical)

Seth Vidal wrote, somewhere in the digest i just read:

>Last time I had heard the perl-rpm bindings weren't being maintained
>much anymore. Yum is in python so it can take advantage of red hat
>maintaining the python bindings for its own software (anaconda,

Feature comparison sticks aside...the fact that yum uses the python
bindings of redhat's own rpm related applications, makes yum seem to me
the absolutely obvious choice for further development inside rhl, in
terms of future development integration.

Want to give the installer or r-c-p the ability to talk to external
repos as a matter of project goals on down the road? Yum seems to be the
thing for that. 

Yes apt is popular with a certain crowd...but it terms of future
development direction for the project, yum (on the face of things, for I
do not claim a deep understanding of the matter) seems better suited to
be the piece of technology that will allow rhl and external repos to
co-exist in a deeply integrated way. 

Whether apt or autoupdate or grab or current or yum are the absolutely
best solution right now...is not important. The important thing is,
which implementation at the external repo technology, is best for future
development effort. Yum's reliance on redhat's already support python
bindings to librpm that r-c-p and anaconda use is a really big plus for
yum as a core technology in rhl. 

-jef"but what do i know, i just use rpm2cpio and install files from the
archive by hand"spaleta

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