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Re: custom package selection

> > On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 10:47, csieh wrote:
> > > How about enabling the "Select individual packages" but only for the 
> > > "expert" install choice.  Then it would be there for those that need it 
> > > and for those that don't it would not confuse them.
> > 
> > redhat-config-packages has the ability to do individual packages now. 
> > The installer gets you to a working system, you can tweak to your
> > heart's content afterwards.
> So where does redhat-config-packages get it packages from?  In RedHat 9 it 
> only wanted them from the cd.
> I guess it surprises me that you took out functionality.

 I've been working on some code to allow scripted-sets of packages be
updated/installed/removed along with groups via yum.

so ideally you could have a firstboot-like init script that ran a script
to more precisely configure the system. - even neater would be if you
could pull that script from a web server so your users could go  select
additional packages from a cgi somewhere then quickly have the rest of
the items installed.

I know that's not as interactive and therefore probably not what you

but it might be useful.


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