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kickstarted severn system mostly okay

Just thought I'd mention that I have kickstarted a severn system without

I also did a quick check and these non-free applications seem to work okay
for me as they do in RH 9 (which is to say that the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL vars
are set as needed ):
  matlab   -- strangely okay with the jvm, but segfaults with:
                 matlab -nojvm
  realplay8 (standalone)
  flash6 plugin

My sound card doesn't work so I obviously couldn't really test the realplayer
stuff, but the apps. at least launch and let you fiddle with the menus.
There is also an onboard sound card which isn't seen.

This is an old NT system with an additional sound card I've never tried under
any previous version of linux, so I'll look more closely at it tomorrow and
see if I can get it to work.

There are one or two oddities that I need to look at.  For example the
graphical boot up does not occur, even though I haven't touched 
the grub conf, or editted /etc/sysconfig/init.  I get the old-fashioned
verbose startup messages.  Moreover my ks configuration separates /usr/
from other partitions.  Maybe I've misread something or drank too much 
coffee today, but I thought from reading earlier messages that rhgb would
hang in this case?


denice.deatrich @ epfl.ch, DSC / LTHC-LTHI, E.P.F.L.   PH: +41 (21) 693 76 67
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		-- Walt Kelly

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