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package/feature request

What think about the following list?

* Kernel Patches:

- Alsa (to be more 2.6 ready)
- IPsec (freeswan?)
- update lm_sensors (patch & apps)

* Packages/Apps:

- Amavisd-new (usefull in mail servers)
- ClamAV (it help to detect/filter viruses)
- Wine: now support NPTL and AFAIK it run ok in RH9.
- gq
- Samba 3: It is stable for me. AFAIK next release will be RC.

* Features:

- rpm: add/detect more targets (pentium4, athlon-tbird, ppc604e, ...). I can add athlon-tbird, but rpm -i say "incompatible arch". --ignorearch solve the problem.

- Up2Date/rhn-applet: add something like "AutoUpdateList " in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date . It will usefull for packages like "clamav-signatures-xxx.rpm", "snort-rules-xxx-rpm".

- rpm+up2date: Multirepository.
Add a field like "Package Repository URI" in RPM where Up2Date can check/update the package. Software vendors can setup a Current or another RHN like server.
Another option is add config lines for up2date where you can say "Packager X in URL Y".
I think that users will love update RHL and other software (as from freshrpms) from unique application.
Problems: Profiles/Passwords/etc.


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