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Re: custom package selection

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 14:17, Lode Vermeiren wrote:
> But for example, when I select the SQL server group, Postgres gets
> installed, and I can manually select MySQL via the "details" option, but
> I can't deselect Postgresql via the current installation interface. In
> several package groups I run into this problem.

These are specific things that can have improvements made which is a lot
better than "bring back individual package selection" :)

If you could file these (either against comps, installer, or
distribution, it doesn't matter much to me :), then I'll look at what to
do for the specific cases.  For the SQL case, I'm thinking about
splitting into a postgresql and a mysql group since they both have a
fair amount of associated stuff.

> When you currently install Windows XP via a OEM cd (don't know how the
> retail works), you've got about no choice as to what gets installed, and
> end up with games, movie makers, desktop backgrounds and other bloat and
> spend hours uninstalling them. I'd hate to see RedHat end up like that.

The goal is definitely not to get to that level, but at the same time,
there are a fair number of things which it just doesn't make sense to
ask about.



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