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Re: custom package selection

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 13:13, Chris Ricker wrote:
> In case it wasn't clear, what I posted wasn't meant as a complaint per se,
> but more as a suggestion. I like kickstart. I think it's a reasonable
> solution to my particular wants.

Speaking for myself, I don't think it is reasonable to have to use
kickstart to fine tune my install.

Reason 1: Effort of getting Kickstart going

1. It is MUCH more effort to get a kickstart install going. Besides
creating the kickstart file, initiating it is NOT easy for laptop users.
In fact, it is nearly impossible on RHL9+ without fetching your ks.cfg
over the network.

My laptop is single spindle, I can only have CDROM or floppy installed.

I cannot put a ks.cfg on a floppy and do a CDROM based install due to
the hardware swapping needed and the fact that PHASE 1 anaconda (from
CDROM) needs to read ks.cfg from the floppy. This requires that both
CDROM AND floppy be available at the same time.

Also with RHL9+ you CANNOT initiate a kickstart install with:

a) PHASE 1 coming from bootdisk.img + drvnet.img
b) ks.cfg on floppy

Laptops are predicted to outsell desktops soon.

Reason 2: Once you giveth, don't taketh away

This functionality (default run level, package selection, etc) has been
there since the very first versions of Red Hat. It is somewhat annoying
to have the rug yanked out from under me.

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