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Re: Feature Request

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 16:36, Ethan Bonick wrote:
> >
> > For configuration that supports more things than the redhat-config-*
> > tools, have you tried webmin?  IMO, the webmin developers do a much
> > better job at keeping up with things than linuxconf did.
> >
> I was talking about admin config tools not install time config options. 

So was I.  Both redhat-config-* and webmin are administration tools used
on an installed system.

> It's a very complicated issue. I am
> fine with ext3 being the default journal. I just hadn't seen anything on
> as to why they made it that way. If you do something that affects people
> they usually want to know why and many will concede once they've heard
> your position. 

In answer to this specific question... here's the white paper on ext3
that I was looking for previously: 

Note this is not breaking news: that paper was written in 2001 when Red
Hat Linux 7.2 came out.  Perhaps the situation with the other
filesystems has changed now.

But I agree, it's much better to understand why decisions are made the
way they are, and I hope that this new development model, with more
input from and communication to the community, well result in much more
of this kind of understanding.


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