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Reiserfs (was: feature request)

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 16:46, Benjamin Vander Jagt wrote: 
> Plus, I used to get a lot of power outages.  Ext3 has, a few times, been
> totally destroyed (even fsck doesn't find data) where I have *never*
> lost *any* data to ReiserFS, even on two test hard drives that were
> loaded with bad sectors.

This sounds wrong. Reiserfs's bad block handling is an ACKNOWLEDGED
problem by NameSys.


When I last tried ReiserFS a year ago (things may have changed, yadda
yadda), I had a 20GB filesystem on a drive that developed "3" bad
sectors (of 512 bytes each).

After getting an image using dd_rescue, I ran reiserfsck on the image.
After reiserfsck finished 98% of the filesystem was completely and
utterly mangled. 

Since I made a backup copy of the filesystem image before running fsck,
I painfully used a hexeditor to recover some important scripts that I
had written.

I won't use Reiserfs on a production box again until:

a) The bad block handling is fixed
b) The reiserfsck command becomes more robust

BTW, Reiserfs v4 looks interesting.

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