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Re: Feature Request

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 18:57, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Benjamin Vander Jagt (benjaminvanderjagt adelphia net) said: 
> > I'm sorry, I'm getting confused.  Do you mean that there's an installer
> > option that will load the Reiser module?  I usually use "linux
> > reiserfs", and that doesn't do anything in Severn...
> That's because there is no kernel module. Funny, I think I've mentioned
> this to you before.
> Bill

You did, and I figured that just meant I'd have to add it to the kernel
post-install.  I'm just a little confused in the wording.

And you're right, you mentioned it before.

"Compile it into the kernel. Seriously, you'll never get the option
in the installer if the module isn't there..."

I guess I could have figured that out myself, but this English language
isn't as good as, say, C++.  :-p  I didn't see "The module isn't on the
CDs", so I didn't put 1.5 and 2.5 together to get 4...

> If the modules are built in the kernel, the installer will magically
> support them (for upgrades at least -- and mostly for installs, even
> it requires a command line option for most of them right now)

Then this made me wonder if perhaps I misunderstood and the modules were
really there.

I think I got it now, but is there any way I could load a module off of
a floppy or another CD?  Would Anaconda be happy after that, or are
there other things missing, like mkfs.reiserfs?


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