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Re: Feature Request

Benjamin Vander Jagt (benjaminvanderjagt adelphia net) said: 
> You did, and I figured that just meant I'd have to add it to the kernel
> post-install.  I'm just a little confused in the wording.
> And you're right, you mentioned it before.
> "Compile it into the kernel. Seriously, you'll never get the option
> in the installer if the module isn't there..."
> I guess I could have figured that out myself, but this English language
> isn't as good as, say, C++.  :-p  I didn't see "The module isn't on the
> CDs", so I didn't put 1.5 and 2.5 together to get 4...

Correct; basically, *if* the module is built for kernel-BOOT, and it's
in modules.cgz on the second stage installer, and you pass the command
line option, it will work.

Currently, the module is not built (don't recall why, off the top of
my head), and therefore it's not on the images.

> I think I got it now, but is there any way I could load a module off of
> a floppy or another CD?  Would Anaconda be happy after that, or are
> there other things missing, like mkfs.reiserfs?

The tools are still there. I don't recall if making a driver disk
for filesystems works. I doubt it does.


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