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Re: Feature Request

Ethan Bonick wrote:
Jeremy Portzer wrote:

But you have to be realistic about configuration tools.  If you are
looking for a vast increase in the number of options, and thus the
complexity, of basic things like filesystems, there will be an
exponential increase in the codebase necessary for configuration
tools.   There are only limited resources available.   As linuxconf
demonstrated, you have to be REALLY good at writing configuration
tools, or you end up with a big mess.

Have you looked at anaconda code? It _already_ contains code to handle the requested filesystems, unless it was recently ripped out. The GUI just hides that fact from the end user.

Why bother putting it in if you are going to hide it?

Now that is the $6 million question. From past responses I gather that the reason is that Red Hat utterly despises everything except ext2/3. And now they have even stopped including kernel modules for the other filesystems on the install CDs, making the "workaround" even harder. What once required a simple "linux reiserfs" at the boot prompt now requires 2 more steps: build a new boot kernel with needed fs modules, and build a new boot CD containing the newly-built kernel. I wonder how many users will switch to other distros rather than taking the opportunity to learn how to build a custom install CD?

... but I'm not bitter ... OK, maybe just a little. :)


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