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Re: Feature Request

Le ven 25/07/2003 à 01:45, Kevin Freeman a écrit :
> Ethan Bonick wrote:
> >>Jeremy Portzer wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>But you have to be realistic about configuration tools.  If you are
> >>>looking for a vast increase in the number of options, and thus the
> >>>complexity, of basic things like filesystems, there will be an
> >>>exponential increase in the codebase necessary for configuration
> >>>tools.   There are only limited resources available.   As linuxconf
> >>>demonstrated, you have to be REALLY good at writing configuration
> >>>tools, or you end up with a big mess.
> >>
> >>Have you looked at anaconda code?  It _already_ contains code to handle
> >>the requested filesystems, unless it was recently ripped out.  The GUI
> >>just hides that fact from the end user.
> >>
> > 
> > 
> > Why bother putting it in if you are going to hide it?
> > 
> Now that is the $6 million question.  From past responses I gather that 
> the reason is that Red Hat utterly despises everything except ext2/3. 
> And now they have even stopped including kernel modules for the other 
> filesystems on the install CDs, making the "workaround" even harder. 


> What once required a simple "linux reiserfs" at the boot prompt now 
> requires 2 more steps: build a new boot kernel with needed fs modules, 
> and build a new boot CD containing the newly-built kernel.  I wonder how 
> many users will switch to other distros rather than taking the 
> opportunity to learn how to build a custom install CD?
> ... but I'm not bitter ...   OK, maybe just a little. :)
> Kevin
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