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Blank Gnome logout dialog


I have filed this under Xfree86 in bugzilla, but it maybe more a Gnome
problem. So... I will put the problem description here and maybe it will
get re-assigned (someone accepts it as their own :)) faster if not an
Xfree86 bug.


Description of problem:

If you choose to log out from Gnome and then change your mind and click
on 'Cancel' and be returned to the desktop. Then try again to
immediately logout. You are presented with a blank grey logout dialog.

This behaviour has been tested with 2 types of ATI Rage 128 Pro 4x AGP
adapters and 1 NVidia GeForce 2 Ti and occurs with them both.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Do an everything install of severn (Just to make sure nothing is
2. Log into the Gnome desktop.
3. Go to logout, but click on 'Cancel' and be returned to the Gnome
4. Again try to logout

Additional info:

This may not be an Xfree86 bug as it _does not_ occur under KDE.
However, at this time I think it's the best place to put it for further
investigation. Apologies if wrong and hope you can move it to the most
appropriate area.




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