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Re: Checking sendmail.cf file at boot time

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, Robert L Cochran wrote:

> In an earlier posting I made on the Shrike list, I mentioned it is a
> good idea to turn off mail relaying in sendmail. Someone responded that
> the default sendmail implementation from Red Hat only listens for
> connections on the local host, anyhow, so in effect why bother? 
> The best answer to that is that a substitute sendmail.cf file could be
> inserted to the system maliciously at some point. You should not just
> assume that sendmail is running with the actual Red Hat defaults, in
> other words. 
> Substitution of sendmail.cf can be done without disturbing the
> /etc/mail/sendmail.mc file. Then restart sendmail. Presto! Without quite
> realizing it, the user's sendmail is listening for connections and is
> suddenly an open relay.

Nope. Read /etc/init.d/sendmail and /etc/mail/Makefile. On RH, sendmail.cf 
is automatically generated every time the daemon is restarted.


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