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Re: Checking sendmail.cf file at boot time

OK, I installed postfix on my severn installation and turned off
sendmail. Now to go about learning postfix enough to get it to accept
email from the world...postfix on this machine has to speak to sendmail
on my main server box, we will see if they get along.


On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 14:27, Joe wrote:
> Robert L Cochran wrote:
> >Spam is one of the biggest problems on the internet. That's why I'm so
> >interested in MTA's.  
> >
> >I want to play with postfix to see if it is better than sendmail, or at
> >least easier to use...
> >  
> >
> One killer feature of postfix v2:
> Regular expressions in header checks.
> With sendmail, you can do a very crude exact match of a subject or 
> sender, but any variation ruins the whole scheme. With postfix header 
> checks, the power of regular expressions gives you a lot more options in 
> that department.
> Joe
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