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RE: redhat-config-network and wireless card

That's correct, my wireless card is identified as eth1 and it
has 3 tabs under it's properties.  Did you have the card plugged
in during the install?

On a side note, is your bootup slow.  I'm not sure if it's just
a consequence of the new graphical boot or something else but this
T30 used to take about 30 seconds to boot to a logon and now it's
more like a minute.  I like the direction they are going in with
the graphical boot but it definitely needs some work.


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Am Sam, 2003-07-26 um 23.55 schrieb Todd Booher:
> I'm using the same card in a T30 running severn with no problems.  A 
> compaq WL100 also works under severn on my T30.

Thanks for the info. 

Just to be precise: If you start rh-cfg-network, you get a list with
eth0 for your internal adapter (and a little network adapter icon) and
eth1 for the WL100 (and a little wireless icon)? And if you select the
wireless and click on edit you get a new window with 3 tabs (general,
Hardware, Wireless)?

In my case the WL110 seems to be classified as "wired" Ethernet and
carries no wireless icon and the same 3-tab window (general, route,


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