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Re: Yum, autoupdate (was: Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical)

On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 12:03:54AM -0400, Tom Diehl wrote:

> If they are really not compressed then try it without -z, by default yum-arch
> compresses the headers. I have never used -z

Yes, you're right, it is compressed.  I just looked at the size, being
the same with and without -z, which thus seems to be a no-op.

> Depends on which server has the latest version. If you want the newest version
> installed than you should set it to newest. With pkgpolicy = last a new install
> will install the version from the last server but if a version already exists
> from the first server and the version on the first server is newer yum will not
> downgrade to the older package.

The latter is then my problem, as I really need a different behaviour.
But I'll move this discussion to the yum list and post it again there,
with some more explanation of what I want.

> > -  How can I do special actions, like installing a kernel i.s.o.
> >    upgrading it?
> What is a kernel i.s.o.?? If you mean rpm, yum will only install a kernel.

The i.s.o. related to installing vs. upgrading.

> It will not upgrade a kernel. So if you need to upgrade a kernel it will
> install it along side of the old kernel and adjust the grub.conf to make
> the new kernel the default. Presently to rm the old kernel you need to do an
> "rpm -e kernel-2.4.whatever.old.rpm. Seth is working on fixing this but at
> present using yum to rm the old kernel does not work properly.

Is this all configurable?  Like the "allow-duplicated" in apt-rpm?
Same for the grub default action.

> There is a yum mailing list at:
> https://lists.dulug.duke.edu/mailman/listinfo/yum
> Suggest you ask yum specific questions there. The people over there are very
> willing to help.

OK, I'll post an updated list of questions later today on that list,
as it is here a bit off-topic and then we can continue the discussion.

Thanks so far,

--    Jos Vos <jos xos nl>
--    X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV   |   Phone: +31 20 6938364
--    Amsterdam, The Netherlands        |     Fax: +31 20 6948204

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