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Re: battery charge status applet broken?

Am Mon, 2003-07-28 um 03.33 schrieb Bill Nottingham:
> > Same problem here (IBM Thinkpad T40p),
> > 
> > I suppose, you don't start with acpi=off, do you? If I modprobe battery
> > before I start the battery charge applet, my system will not crash and
> > the applet shows up with low battery (no meaningful indicator, battery
> > is charged, but doesn't crash :-) ) Seems to be due to an incomplete
> > ACPI implementation.
> Are you sure your machine didn't oops when you loaded the battery
> module? 

Sorry, don't know the verb "oops" :-) couldn't find it in dictionary.

But checked it again, I could load the battery module without probs,
when I loaded the ac module, there was a memory fault loading ac, but ac
was loaded anyway. In lsmod battery is unused, ac is "initializing"

> (On my T40p, ACPI is *horrendously* unstable.)

Until now I didn't found stability probs (ok, most of the time I have to
work, with RHL 9), but it seems not to work as I would expect or hope it
would work. On the other hand, I don't know how to use it  :-)


Peter Boy
<pb zes uni-bremen de>

Phone: (+49/0 421) 218-44374

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