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bugs, bugs, bugs!

Just some intro for those who haven't played this game before...

If you've reported a bug, you may have noticed in the past few
days that the bug may now be listed as blocking bug 100643 or
bug 100644. These bugs are the 'CambridgeBlocker' and 'CambridgeTarget'

What these bugs represent:

- categorization of bugs into relative high and medium priorities

What these bugs don't represent:

- guarantees that the bug will be fixed

Note that these lists are populated at first through cursory
bug triage; issues in these bugs may eventually turn out to

How You Can Help (if you so desire):

1) If you've got a bug that appears to be overlooked in this
 categorization, feel free to nomintate it in the body
 of the appropriate tracking bug ('CambridgeBlocker', or
 'CambridgeTarget'); then our crack (cracked?) bug triage
 team will review it again.
 (Note that all bugs opened against the beta are usually given
  a once-over within a day or two of being opened; this is how
  the list normally gets populated)

2) Look at the bugs on the list, and feel free to:
- perform duplicate eliminations
- verfiy reproducibility/create test cases
- provide patches to fix them. (This option is preferred, of course.)

Bugs may be moved from one list to the other at any time, or
deescalated completely. The chances of an enhancement requests
landing on either of these lists is fairly low.


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