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Re: bugs, bugs, bugs!

On Wednesday 30 July 2003 10:36, Michael K. Johnson "Michael K. Johnson" 
<johnsonm redhat com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 06:17:30PM -0400, Elton Woo wrote:

> >
> > ... *or* "I've been REQUESTING this feature for the last three versions
> > of Red Hat linux" ... would that also grab attention?
> No, not really -- there are feature requests that some people have made
> for the past three *years* (or more) that aren't there for a variety of
> reasons that don't go away just because of the passing of time and of
> releases.
To be more specific: I've been requesting that my USB scanner be 
automatically preconfigured ... *for the past three releases*. IMVHO,
since Red Hat is aiming to be more "user friendly" isn't this a _reasonable_

Each time I have to manually edit /etc/sane.d/epson.conf. The contents of
the *default* file follows:
# epson.conf
# here are some examples for how to configure the EPSON backend
# SCSI scanner:
scsi EPSON
# Parallel port scanner:
#pio 0x278
#pio 0x378
#pio 0x3BC
# USB scanner - only enable this if you have an EPSON scanner. It could
#               otherwise block your non-EPSON scanner from being 
#               recognized.
#		Depending on your distribution, you may need either the
#		first or the second entry.
#usb /dev/usb/scanner0
#usb /dev/usb/scanner0

NOTE: I cannot, for the life of me, see any difference between the two
last lines of this configuration file, which has been thus for several
past versions, and still remains in the present.

Elton ;-)
  "You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
  LINUX Registered User #193975. AMD-K7 ATHLON CPU power on board.


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