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Re: new kernel for testing

Arjan van de Ven wrote:

the plan is to do a kernel update friday or monday (depending on the
amount of things that turn up in this testing). There is a 424 kernel in
the testing dir on the ftp repository and on
One of the last minute changes is a series of patches to the input
subsystem that are supposed to fix a lot of the "tapping my laptops
touchpad doesn't work" bugs. So please beat hard on this kernel...

    Arjan van de Ven

Is this supposed to work without the psmouse.proto=imps given as a kernel argument? (at least in the grub.conf file)

I had trouble logging in using runlevel 3. It took about 4 attempts to actually get past the login prompt. I eventually was able to login. Was there a change that would effect login?

The tapping with psmouse.proto=imps as an argument to the kernel works as before. (pretty much like 2.4 worked).


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