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Re: ACPI Testing

> arms for any and all of us Fedora users who are trying to get ACPI to
> work on their laptops. ACPI needs testing, and lots of feedback on what

I have a dell inspiron 8600.  Fairly new.

ACPI seems to mostly work, except for suspend/resume.  Little detail there.
kernel-src/Documentation/power/video.txt seems to match the problem.  I
have not played with the various settings.  (The one I did try once didn't

The video card is a Nvidia GeForce varient.  I'm hoping the next round of
propriatary drivers will support suspend/resume.

I have gotten _software_ suspend/resume mostly working (USB has issues. 
After a resume, unplugging a USB device after a resume will cause the
machine to run like the turbo switch was accidentially hit.) but the most
recent kernel updates appear to have removed some assembler bits that it

Advice:  If your laptop supports APM, continue to use it.  acpid is much
more programmable, but since the video won't come back after an ACPI
suspend/resume cycle unless you are lucky (see the video.txt file mentioned
above), APM suspend will actually WORK.  Which is probably more important.

Doug Kilpatrick
kilpatds oppositelock org

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