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Re: ACPI Testing

On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, D. D. Brierton wrote:

Do I actually want both running at the same time? I assume that for testing purposes I should disable APM, but I'd like to hear from someone who knows what he's talking about.

I believe it doesn't matter if both apm & acpi daemons run simultaneously. But only one of features in enabled in the kernel at boot time - so only one works - (and the other daemon just doesn't matter)

the kernel boot option to switch is to apm is 'acpi=off'

3. Does FC2 automatically go into "laptop" mode when I pull out the
power cord, or do I have to do something manually? (I can't find now
where I read about this, but I believe "laptop" mode is something new in
the 2.6 kernel which preserves battery life by slowing the CPU speed and
reducing disk activity.)

laptop mode is introduced in FC1 (2.4 kernel) - and with APM it switches on automatically when AC is unplugged. This primarily affects disk activity (and not CPU speed) 'cat /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode'

Wrt cpuscaling - this is also present in both FC1 and FC2. On FC1 I
load the module speedstep-centrino (for my P-M) and use copudynd
userspace daemon - with APM.

On FC2 - the relavant modules are built into the kernel - and they
load automatically. The default userspace daemon is 'cpuspeed' - and
this works with both APM & ACPI.


Hardware: IBM Thinkpad T40 : 1.6 P-M with Radeon 9000 mobile,
intel-e1000 network and IBM a/b wireless (atheros chipset) (haven't
checked bluetooth/irda/modem)

Currently I'm primarily using FC1 & APM. With Power Managemnt - I
primarily care about reliable suspend/resume - and don't care about
hybernation.  FC2 with APM works just as well as FC1.

With FC2 & ACPI - the issues I had:

- e1000 driver doesn't work after suspend/resume

- there was a brief stint were suspend didn't work with USB (I haven't
checked this with 435 kernel)

- Battery life might be poor with ACPI compared to APM. I haven't
really timed it though. Well one indication of this is - with ACPI
suspend - the CDROM drive light continues to blink (draining power),
this doesn't happen with APM.

- There could have been some issues with madwifi driver and acpi - but
from reading madwifi list - this issue might be fixed with one of the
new patches in cvs.


One of the reasons I wanted to try ACPI - is the extra monitoring
features in it (for eg: get CPU temperature displayed by gkrellm). But
its not crucial as long as APM continues to work.


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