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gaim crashing after latest devel updates


I can no longer use Gaim with the devel tree.  The latest rawhide
package and CVS version i built tonight crash immediately whenever I
start to send a message to anyone (all accounts are AIM).  If I leave it
open and don't message anyone it will crash soon as well.  I wish I
could tell you more but gdb ain't acting so nice atm...

Anyone else experiencing this?  I checked Bugzilla and there wasn't
anything remotely similar.  I'm running all the latest devel packages on
top of FC2.

On a side note compiling it with gcc33 or gcc34 made no difference what-
so-ever... I know the rawhide package uses gcc33 to compile, but even
rebuilding that did nothing.  It's not an issue with my settings either:
I moved my ~/.gaim and soon as i setup an account and tried to send a
message, gaim went down hard...

Stan Bubrouski <stan ccs neu edu>

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