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Re: new xterm and erase setting

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Harry Putnam wrote:

Satish Balay <balay fastmail fm> writes:

Just to be sure - I noted the version of the old xterm - 179-5 (FC1)

I haven't had to piddle around with the erase setting for a very long time, but now with new xterm I get the behavior described, in emacs -nw.

I see what you mean about `less'.  That has changed too.  So this
must be another setting... maybe the `-/+ ie' (initiate erase)

I did a diff of all the settings (from 'stty -a > log' ) and they were the same (except for the screen size of the 2 xterms)

Ok, so much for that theory... what do you suppose explains the fact that the backspc key now acts differently?

don't know

I'v very certain I wasn't getting the respective behavior in emacs or less prior to this change.

If you mean the 'backspace' key worked with the old version - then yes - I can reproduce this.

I have some xterms which I didn't kill after installing the new
version - so I'm able to comapre (old and new behavior). I also have
an FC2 box - with 179-6.EL - where I can reproduce the old behavior.


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