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documentation woes

Through both accident and necessity, I find myself subscribed to the
anaconda(-devel)-list.  (so, hi :)

  Until rh7.0 came along, I had been happily burning redhat
  installation cdroms since rh50 with no real problems.  But the new
  twin install disk format changed all that, all I could create were
  installers that wanted to continuously swap and so on.

  I had no idea that anaconda was not only the installer, but it
  could (should) be used to do all the preparatory work.  I'm amazed
  that only recently learned his apparently little-known fact after
  it was pointed out to me.

  I am now successfully creating workable updated installers again.
  Yeah!  :)

There is a big problem with anaconda (that Jeremy recognises), and
that is the almost total lack of documentation about what anaconda
does and (more importantly) how to use it.

As a result of my own efforts and experimentation, I recently
started to make an attempt to document how to use anaconda...


My emphasis here is to create installers that have had all the
official update patches and errata put into them.  Its current state
demands a re-write with updates and corrections etc - I hope to do
that soon.

I'm new to anaconda, and I would very much like people who do know
it better than I, to review what I've written and offer any
criticisms, praise, corrections, additions, or whatever.

  I want to divorce the distro-specific info into separate sections,
  and see the main part of it become a fairly complete description
  of how to use (and hack) anaconda to create customised installers.

  If it helps to form the basis of some documentation that can be
  included with anaconda itself, then I would be pleased to be able
  to contribute towards making that happen.

Oh, if someone has done (is doing) something like this already, can
I have the URL?  I'll just trim what I have to blend in with that as
a contribution...

Many thanks.

  Tony Nugent <Tony linuxworks com au>
  LinuxWorks - Gold Coast Qld Australia

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