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using latest anaconda for building previous 7.x distros

Does anyone know if the latest version of anaconda (eg, in rawhide
or slipjack) will work to build working redhat 7.{0,1,2} installers?

Are there any new tricks or features that might I need to know about
if it can be used?  (eg, I'm sure that the list of extracted
packages will need to be changed).

If not, then are there known "good" versions of anaconda available
anywhere for each distro since 6.2 that can be used for seamlessly
rebuilding "bug-free" installers for them?

  Also, will current versions of anaconda actually work for
  (re)building a redhat 6.2 installer?  I doubt it, but I thought
  I'd ask anyway :-)

  (Why my interest in 6.2?  I help maintain a bunch of 6.2 servers,
  they are all doing their job very well.  6.2 may now be getting a
  little aged, but an updated redhat 6.2 box has proven to be a very
  functional, stable and reliable system, solid as a rock and
  tolerant to considerable customisation :)


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