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Re: Splitdistro

  [I just recently subscribed to anaconda-list, I hope my reply to
  anaconda-devel-list works ok :]

On Tue Apr 02 2002 at 09:43, Jean-Yves Lenhof wrote:

> Jean-Yves Lenhof wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> > I've hacked splitdistro for my needs. This is a bad hacked because :
> > - The original source is not well commented
> > - I'm not a real python programmer but an Unix/Linux administrator
> > But with this version you should be able to create your binary
> > CD for your installation. So if you have added too much packages
> > it will create three or more binary CDs
> > Have fun,
> > Jean-Yves
> Ok here it is....
> I forget to push the join button...
> Jean-yves

> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii;
>  name="splitdistro"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
> Content-Disposition: inline;
>  filename="splitdistro"
> #!/usr/bin/python
> # Changes by Jean-Yves LENHOF <lenh_jea caramail com> <jean-yves lenhof cmg fr>

[ ... ]

> targetSize = 640 * 1024 * 1024


Thanks for this.  The functionality is badly needed for customised
installs -- and a (not too) future time when the basic distribution
itself gets too big to fit on just two :)

I hit the size problem after putting all the official updates into
installation buildroots for recent releases.  All redhat 7.x
distros bloat out to fill more than two standard 640Mb cdroms.

However at this point in time I have no trouble putting an updated
redhat 7.2 installation image onto two 700Mb cdroms (680 * 1024 *
1024), with room left over.

An additional functionality to splitdistro would be to take
"targetSize" as 640Mb as default, but to also allow passing a
parameter that allows it to be set to say, 700Mb.

Besides, the time is soon coming when DVD-based distributions will
be a normal thing, so you could pass the script a targetsize of
approx 4.7Gb if you were creating images for DVD installs :-)

(I've never played with python, so I'll leave it to others to be
inspired to make some patches, it shouldn't be too hard to do).

  Tony Nugent <Tony linuxworks com au>
  LinuxWorks - Gold Coast Qld Australia

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