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Anaconda and 7.2 updates brakes CDs

Over the last few days I have been playing with Anaconda and the 7.2
Updates.  I tried to make a CD with all the updates.  Everything works
fine until the install process is fed the 2nd CD.  After getting the
2nd CD, it installs 1 package and then asks for CD1 again.  This process
repeats throughout the rest of the install.  I know that my build script 
is not the problem because it works for NFS installs and also correctly 
builds original 7.2 CDs.

I am sure that the cause is the updates to RPM posted on 20020315 that
caused the breakage.  I came to this conclusion by breaking up the
updates by day and making pkgorder files for each day.  I then ran a
diff on each day and the day before it.  I noticed that both 20020304
(perl updates) and 20020315 (rpm updates) differed quite a bit from the
previous pkgorders.  I tried burning CDs with the updates around those 2
dates and found I could build working CDs up to 20020310 (the last
update before 20020315) and the build broke at 20020315.  I remember one
other person noting this strangeness on the list a while back, but did
not see any explanation of why or replies on how to fix it.  

Are others seeing this?  

Has it been fixed in a later anaconda?

What exactly is the problem?

A side note.  While building all the pkgorder files to run the diffs on
I noticed that with certain package sets that pkgorder would
segfault regularly.  I think that it is dyeing in the rpm.so
python module because it does not give a python trace when it dies.
This does not happen constantly though and will happen with different
sets of packages depending on the build environment and the host it is
built on.  It also appears to only happen in a build environment that 
has the upgraded RPM installed (haven't tested this thoroughly yet.)

If anyone wants more info, let me know.


Joshua Aune
Linux NetworX

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