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http install

I've created updated ISOs with updates to April 24. As others have noted, 
they're too big for 650 Mbyte CDs (I have the errors to had).

I tried a CD install and found that I have to do the CD shuffle. I read back the 
through my archive and found something to change...

I don't have any 700 Mbyte CD-RWs to hand, so I configured Apache to serve out 
the files from a  virtual host and mounted the ISOs:
/home/ISO/i386-disc1.iso on /var/www/linux/rhl/disc1 type iso9660 
/home/ISO/i386-disc2.iso on /var/www/linux/rhl/disc2 type iso9660 

The install started well, it got netstg1.img but ... - - [28/Apr/2002:12:16:36 +0800] "GET /rhl7.2//disc1/RedHat/base/nets
tg1.img HTTP/1.1" 200 7028
736 - - [28/Apr/2002:12:17:23 +0800] "GET /rhl7.2/RedHat/base/hdlist 
HTTP/1.0" 404 296

but then it's looking in the wrong place for the file hdlist.

What's up?

I want to use Apache as it logs transfers.

I'll look into using ftp, but I'm not optimistic.

John Summerfield

Microsoft's most solid OS: http://www.geocities.com/rcwoolley/

Note: mail delivered to me is deemed to be intended for me, for my disposition.

If you don't like being told you're wrong,
	be right!

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