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media check and runroot

I'm updating my scripts for building RHL-derivative distributions to
work with the newest anaconda available, and I have run into the new
"Media Check" feature.  This is a great feature, and I would like to be
able to use it in my distro.

Looking through the anaconda-runtime package, I found the implantisomd5
and checkisomd5 programs. These are standalone binary programs which, as
far as I can tell, none of the provided scripts use.  Can anyone provide
guidance as to the usage of these programs, or in a larger sense, how to
handle media check?

On another note, I have noticed for both anaconda 7.2 and the latest
versions, it can use a program called /usr/bin/runroot.  However, I can
find no reference to this program anywhere else -- not on rpmfind, not
on google, not on freshmeat.  Does anyone know what this program is and
what is does?


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