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Re: media check and runroot

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 10:51, Peter Bowen wrote:
> Looking through the anaconda-runtime package, I found the implantisomd5
> and checkisomd5 programs. These are standalone binary programs which, as
> far as I can tell, none of the provided scripts use.  Can anyone provide
> guidance as to the usage of these programs, or in a larger sense, how to
> handle media check?

Since buildinstall doesn't create the ISO images, it would be hard for
the md5sums to be implanted in ISOs by it.  Both programs are trivial to
use though...  `./implantisomd5sum <name of image>` just like the usage
message says.  Similar for checkisomd5.
> On another note, I have noticed for both anaconda 7.2 and the latest
> versions, it can use a program called /usr/bin/runroot.  However, I can
> find no reference to this program anywhere else -- not on rpmfind, not
> on google, not on freshmeat.  Does anyone know what this program is and
> what is does?

Wacky internal build system fun that handles going to remote machines
based on architecture so the various architecture dependent bits can be
run on a machine of the right architecture.



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