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Re: kickstart

> Dear Friend,
>  Pleases call me Swankong.I am a Chinese.I am a user of
>  RedHat linux.
>  I want to cutomisze RedHat Linux Kickstart CDrom so
>  that I can remove some RPMS on the original CD and add
>  some my own RPMS to it.In this way, I can install my
>  RPMS during the installation time.
>  What should I do to carry out this goal? Shall I
>  modify anaconda program or only modify some
>  configuration files? Would you give me some
>  suggestion?
>  Thanks.
> Swankong


I've played that game a bit.

I added packages by inserting them in the tree and manually upgrading the comps 
file before building the tree.

The comps file is a structured text file - your favourite text editor will do a 
fine job of changing it.

John Summerfield

Microsoft's most solid OS: http://www.geocities.com/rcwoolley/

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	be right!

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