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Re: http install

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On Sunday 28 April 2002 12:29 am, John Summerfield wrote:
> I've created updated ISOs with updates to April 24. As others have
> noted, they're too big for 650 Mbyte CDs (I have the errors to had).
> I tried a CD install and found that I have to do the CD shuffle. I read
> back the through my archive and found something to change...

Hi John,
I'm not sure about the http error, though I'd guess it's related to the 
error causing the cd shuffle.

I've written some scripts I use to generate an updated disks.. You're 
welcome to have a look at them and see if they help.

I've used the disks created with the scripts to do a couple of installs 
so far without issue. No errors, warnings, or cd shuffle required.

The README and comments in variables.sh should be enough to explain how 
to use them. Briefly, I use a directory containing all the updates. 
variables.sh defines all the variables used by the other scripts.
check_dups.sh verifies that there are no duplicate updates.
Then I mount the stock Red Hat cd1, and run update_cd1.sh.
Mount cd2 and run update_cd2.sh
This creates my updated build tree.

voodoo_magic.sh handles all the anaconda-runtime work, and has to be run 
as root. It creates all the installer files and splits the build tree. 
You do need to edit /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splitdistro and change:
targetSize = 650 * 1024 * 1024
targetSize = 700 * 1024 * 1024
Of course, you'll need 700M media.

makeimages.sh generates the iso images.
All that is left is to burn the images to CD.

If you think they'll be helpful, they are here:

Hope that helps,
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- -Michael

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