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FAQ Request

I have some straight-up FAQ-type questions for the list and thought I could save everybody's time by just asking for the FAQ to be posted again or a pointer to it.

If not:

Exactly what is the procedure, step-by-step, for making the distributions? I have run genhdlist to include some new kernels and reburn Disc1, but as an example of what I want to do:
Take the standard ISOs and update some of the packages, replace the cdboot image with one that recognizes more hardware (preferably one with the newest stable kernel),
compress the distribution down to one disk once I know the superset of stuff I want to install on my systems, and build new comps and new Server Roles ("Workstation", "Server", etc.).

I plan on putting together a makefile that will rebuild whichever part of this is necessary whenever our software release must be updated and result in a CD/DVD image.

I will have to document the above processes myself to hand off this process to a software engineering group at my firm once I am done, so I thought using existing docs would be much easier.

Thanks for your time.

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