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Re: Automatic LVM partitioning

* Rob Bradford <rob debianplanet org> [2002-07-31 10:51]:
> I need to autopartition a system such that on the first drive there is a
> small (~256MB) root partition and 1GB swap partition. On the remaining
> space on this drive and all other drives a LVM PV should be created.
> These PVs should all form one VG.

I don't know about the LVM, maybe you can't.

> Is this possible within the current auto partition request system or
> would a replacement class be required to do this? If so i am unsure on
> how the non-gui classes are used, any pointers to helpful documentation
> on hacking such changes into Anaconda would be very much appreciated.

The non-gui class are objects that are used by the ui. They are common
to both text and gui mode. They are instanced as attributes of the
installer object in the module instdata. This is probably too simplistic
to be true but it should give you some pointers. I don't of any internal 
doc to anaconda code (but would very much like to ;) but you should have
a look at: http://www.linuxworks.com.au/redhat-installer-howto.html

> On a aside: Are there any methods my which i can test this partitioning
> code, possibly using UML. I cannot partition the system i am currently
> running the installer from.

Get your modified installer on a cd and you can test it on any other
computer lying around (if there is any).
Philippe Gendreau

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