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Re: RedHat 7.3 and Promise IDE RAID

I've just run into this problem as well... I don't want the ataraid drivers or the Promise pseudo-RAID drivers, I'd just like the standard drivers to work as they did in 7.2. It's a bit strange, because in 7.3 I get the following error:

"The kernel was unable to re-read the partition table on /tmp/hde (Device or resource busy). This means Linux know nothing about any modifications you made. You should reboot your computer before doing anything with /tmp/hde."

Clicking ignore proceeds until the installer tries to mkswap and gives a fatal error.

I'd love to know a way to work around this, if anyone is aware of one.

Theewara Vorakosit wrote:
Dear All,
I use Promise IDE RAID both SX6000, and on board RAID controler FastTrak133. I can install redhat 7.2 from CDROM without other driver. However, in redhat 7.3 I need driver disk from Promise website. Does redhat 7.3 does not support Promise IDE RAID?
I'm sorry if you get this message twice.
Joe Cooper <joe swelltech com>
Web caching appliances and support.

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