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CDROM boot failure...

Hi All,

I may be stretching the bounderies of what is pertinant to this list; if so
kindly just
delete my message; I won't send another one concerning this issue.

OK, here is the deal.  I am booting up the Advanced Server 2.1 media on a
machine with
the following setup:

     Dual Xeon 2GHz Processors
     500Meg of RAM
     E7500 Chipset.
     IDE HD on first channel as master.
     IDE CDROM on first channel as master.
     CDROM is a slimline model CDROM from DELTA ELECTRONICE, INC.
          model OIP-SD2400A/BM

When I try to boot off of this machine with this media I get the message:

     Boot failed

I am not really sure if this is coming from the BIOS or from Syslinux.
This media does boot on
other machines (even others with the E7500 chipset).  Also other media (RH
7.2 and 7.3, and modified
versions of these) does boot up on this machine, just not the Advanced
Server 2.1 media.

My question is two fold:

     - How do I know what version of syslinux anaconda is using such that I
could grep through the
       source and see if that error message exists in the syslinux
     - Is there anything in particular I should be looking for to trouble
shoot this problem?

Thank, and sorry if it was too off topic...james

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