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Using Installation Media during Install.

Warning: This is not strictly an Anaconada issue. It is an installation
         configuration issue - So, I think it relates.

I and many people here have attempted to use directories off the 
installation media  (i.e. CDROM) during the %post kickstart portion
of the install.

THIS DOES NOT WORK - The %post section is executed via a chroot command
with /mnt/sysimage  as the NEWROOT parameter. And, the CDROM is mounted 
on /dev/hdc as the /mnt/sourceimage  filesystem, which is NOT in the 
chroot NEWROOT filesystem heirarchy. So, you can't see the /mnt/sysimage

If during the install - you issue the command:

<alt> - <F2>   # Enter shell
cd /mnt/sysimage
ln -s /mnt/sourceimage cdrom

Then your %post section could access the cdrom via /cdrom 

But, you don't want to be telling your users: 

"Ok, after the GUI screen starts installing the packages, then
quickly type  <ALT> <F2>  then cd to .... blah ... blah

Ok, in my environment - during KS %post I NFS mount a 
directory off of the PXE/DHCP server with the following
directory  heiarchy:

1. updates - Updated RPMs (ie. from the errata)
2. tarballs - tarballs to be installed 
3. /etc tarball - Lays out customized etc config files.
4. host_specific - If directory with hostname exists - then 
                   execute these scripts also. 

These enables me to support many different machines - Doing a
network instal via pxe with kickstart w/%post scripts.
Once the install is run - the machines are ready to run production.
No user intervention required. 

We wanted to support stand-alone - or remotely located machines 
without practical access to a "head-node" (pxe/dhcp/nfs install server).

So, using the information in this group, I was able to customize some
RH7.2 CD's with the updated RPM's and Kernel's I wanted - but I could
not complete the install without the  NFS mounted /post filesytem,
and I couldn't just put this directory on the final CD.

So, I built a simple RPM out of this directory. 

Which the mkinstaller script - my RPM gets included onto the CDs.
In KS I include my package into the list of packages to be included.

NB. Our machins always have a sizaable scratch filesystem, called: /scratch
so I install the /post on /scratch  instead of doing the NFS mount.
So, the KS %post scripts are almost identical, to a Network install.

Sorry, if this is a bit verbose - I wanted to be sure that people 
understood the environment I'm in - and how a Custom RPM helps.

Now, if you want help with the RPM - send me an E-mail (not to the
mail list) if people are interested I'll post a link on building
an RPM of an arbitrary directory. 

| Ron Reeder                    | rreeder denver westerngeco slb com|
| Denver Technical Support      | Phone: (303) 389-4408             |

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