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Re: Using Installation Media during Install.

I use the "%post --nochroot" technique that Erik describes.  The biggest
problem that I have is to ensure that the cd with my stuff on it is in the
drive.  I can actually check that it is correct.  The problem is when it
is not correct.  So far I have fixed this with the hack of "forcing" the
2nd cdrom by putting a rpm that I know will be installed on the 2nd cdrom.
What I am looking for is a "generic" way to check that the cd is right and
if not ask the user to put in the requested cd .  Clearly the rpm code
does this now, it is just that this code is quite specific to the rpm's
being installed.  Has any one fixed this in a more generic manner.


-Connie Sieh
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Erik Troan wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Ron Reeder wrote:
> > Warning: This is not strictly an Anaconada issue. It is an installation
> >          configuration issue - So, I think it relates.
> >
> > I and many people here have attempted to use directories off the
> > installation media  (i.e. CDROM) during the %post kickstart portion
> > of the install.
> You're right, but you could use "%post --nochroot" to get a postinstall
> script that's outside of the chroot.
> Erik
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