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customisation of "waiting" images


I'm in the middle of a fairly big anaconda dissection for my project 
(listed below).

I have the most important bits sussed out and was able to customize just 
about everything, but one thing has me stumped.

I was trying to replace the f??rh7-3*.png images (the random slideshow in 
the bottom right corner) with custom ones, but anaconda keeps crashing the 
moment it starts installing packages.

I get four GDK-Errors with BadWindow (3/10/0 and 3/4/0), and a crash.

My questions are :

a) what exact format should these .png's be in ? I used "file" to make 
sure they are the same format, but maybe I'm missing something

b) is there some way I can make anaconda fall back to the python debugger 
(ie, make Gdk-ERRORs non-critical somehow)

c) is there a way, without vmware, that I can try the install phase of 
packages without it actually trying to format my local hard disk ? So that 
I can test the installer locally ? I know how to run it locally, but I'm 
not sure I can somehow skip the partitioning stage and make it install 
packages in a chroot or something.

d) I also went back and replaced my custom images with the standard redhat 
ones, but I still get the same error.  Maybe I did something else wrong ?

Any help is much appreciated ;)
Anaconda is fun to be hacking on.



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